Scale Models
Pages of interest
Science Fiction
Military & Military Aviation
Science & Engineering
New Scientist Good place to read up on the latest in science
Eureka Alert
Science Hobbyist
Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program
MathPad is a general purpose graphing scientific calculator for the Mac
NIH-Image Image and ImageJ are excellent, free image processing programs
Eagle is a free PCB layout and routing program
The Last Word Science Questions and answers
John Cramer's "The Alternate View" Great essays about cutting edge science
David Deutsch's Home Page Quantum computing and Multiverses...(multiple universes)
Pete Stark's page Pete's 6802 articles in Kilobaud and other work taught me a great deal.
Macintosh Emulators
And now, something completely different
Rowena's Page Short stories by S.D. Youngren. I like them.