Building scale models has been one of my hobbies since age 6. My Dad was a modeler and I enjoyed watching (and occasionally helping) him build models. I gave up the hobby just before going to college, and picked it up again in 1989.

I wrote an article for Starship Modeler on making photoetched parts making photoetched parts out of brass. The process is similar to making printed circuit boards.


I'm interested in early jets from the 1939 - 1955 period. This includes German jets and project aircraft from WWII and early postwar US, British and Russian jets.


These are hypothetical models, with or without basis in history.

3D Printing

Models and parts that I have designed and printed.

Science Fiction

I prefer non-Star Trek, non-Star Wars related models. In particular, I enjoy the speculative space models that flourished in the 1950s and 1960s.

Armor and figures

All periods, from WWI to modern.


Small patrol craft and cargo ships.


I find building models from scratch as enjoyable or even more than building model kits.Scratchbuilding often involves making molds out of RTV and casting resin.